NED Software Consulting Oy is a privately owned Finnish IT-consulting company. Our turnover comes from three sources: resource lease, end customer solutions and customised trainings. 

So far main part of our business consisted of cost-effective resourcing solutions for customers' software development projects. Here our business model is a result of years of experience and customer feedback analysis consisting of a proper mixture of on-site and near-shore services. In order to be able to provide our customers with this efficient and flexible service model our personnel is distributed between two main locations, Helsinki and Saint Petersburg, so that about half of our consultants are located in Helsinki. However, despite of the major part of resourcing business, end customer solutions start to play an important and constantly growing role in NED's operations.

Among our customers there are larger IT houses like Logica, SYSteam or Trainers' House, whom we are mailnly supplying with resources for end customer projects, as well as end customers both in private and public sectors developing their own applications or products. Our formula of the success is very simple: high level technical expertise of on-site consultants and well established process model combined with flexibility and cost-efficiency provided by near-shore development teams.

After few years of growing muscle and gaining customer experience as a dedicated project partner we are starting our own product development, focusing on business process management (BPM) applications. Our aim is to become a recognized player on this rapidly growing market.

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