NED Software Consulting Oy has been again issued the The Strongest in Finland (Suomen Vahvimmat) Platina certificate by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, a leading company providing corporate risk management services in Finland.

Suomen Vahvimmat

The Strongest in Finland certificate is an indication of company's reliability and good financial standing. At the sa...

NED has delivered a SharePoint based newsletter application to Kemira Plc. The tool allows company's communication managers to easily produce regular newsletters both to external and internal target audiences using the content, which already exists in the SharePoint based intranet portal or public website. It significantly reduces the newsletter production related time consumption by avoiding manual copy-pasting the con...

On January 1st North Karelia Municipal Education and Training Consortium PKKY has published a new web portal developed by NED in cooperation with Idealmainos (responsible for UI graphical design). The portal is based on Sharepoint 2013 and has a complex and versatile custom functionality. It's one of the first public projects of such a scale developed in Finland using Sharepoint 2013.

NED Software Consulting Oy and Appelsiini Finland have signed a subcontracting agreement. According to the agreement Appelsiini will use NED's consultants to resource SharePoint projects. Practical coperation has started already.