Case 1. Customer's product development project.

Prosess model: Minimum Cost
Team structure: 2-4 near-shore developers

Case 2. Multiple projects with short time schedule.

Prosess model: Maximum Performance.
Team structure: several senior on-site consultants in Finland

Case 3. Larger projects with longer time schedule.

Prosess model: Optimum.
Team structure: 1 senior on-site consultant in Finland + 3-5 near-shore developers


Case: Support team

1 senior team-lead,
on-site in customer premises
3-5 senior consultants,
remotely in NED’s near-shore office
Communication with customer
Requirement analysis and definition
Tickets generation and distribution
Workload management
Quality assurance
Reporting and documentation

Developing, bug fixing and testing according to tickets and tasks provided by on-site team-lead.