Worst times seems to be over

First half of the year 2009 is behind, and it finally seems like market is indicating signs of renaissance. Although depression is not over yet, budgets are being assigned again and projects under preparation. With what kind of assets we in NED are facing this situation?

Well, we had to downsize a bit our near-shore resources. That’s a pity, for sure, but apparently it has not made any bigger impact neither on our turnover, nor on our business in general. What’s more important, we have retained all our staff in Finland without any need to make adjustments. What it tells us about? First, customers have been obviously satisfied with contribution and quality of our on-site consultants. Taking into account that our service model is strongly built on top of on-site presence, it gives us excellent opportunity for further development and growth. Second, considering that near-shore services brought us only thirty per cent share of turnover, we haven’t lost much in terms of business. After first half of the year we are still well in pace to achieve >1ME annual turnover, with none or only minor decrease from last year’s figures. Finally, it shows us that three years ago right decision was made to put strong emphasis on developing on-site services in Finland. We’ve been able to attract and keep highly professional people by offering them challenging tasks within our customers’ project organizations. Now, after our business model has survived through hard times, we can be sure that it really brings our customers significant value added.

What else has happened during first half of the year? We have got a couple of new customers, one of them being a public organization, which is a first step for NED on that market. One of our Saint Petersburg’s employees became Microsoft Certified Master for Share Point Office Server 2007, which is evidently the first MCM outside Microsoft’s own organizations both in Finland and in Russia. That unique certification proves the highest level of NED’s Share Point expertise, which consists currently of about fifteen top quality MOSS consultants with total experience well above twenty man-years.

Finally, we have started developing our own product, an advanced BPM (Business Process Management) solution that employs newest Microsoft technology. The product is based on knowledge and experiences gained via successful project deliveries for our customers in Russia. Currently, first commercial implementations are under development for pilot customers in Finland. Taking into account rapidly growing global BPM market, lots of expectations are now loaded on that business both in Finland and internationally.

Not bad at all for a time strongly affected by economic decline, isn’t it?