We did it

We have re-designed our website, at last. Not only the graphical layout, but the technology behind it, what’s much more important. Over last couple of years we’ve been gradually developing our Microsoft ASP.Net competence. The result of this effort is a team of more than twenty highly professional ASP.Net consultants capable of building most demanding large scale web applications and solving most complex problems. However, our own website was up to now built using PHP and simple PHP-based CMS-system. That’s what often happens when your company grows steadily and all the resources are bound to customer projects. It shouldn’t happen, but it does. What a shame, the site serving as our public face was built more than four years ago and used so far with only minor modifications! God knows how many prospects we might have lost because of such an obvious gap between our sales message and the only visible evidence of our skills. Not any more, a brand new site is now published. With all respect to PHP, for NED moving to ASP.Net is a big step forward, a step that supports our marketing and the corporate image that we want to create. Moreover, it’s a final step of the business-model re-engineering process that has started two years ago with re-branding of the company. Now, the last piece of past is finally gone. Full speed ahead!