NED as employer

We definitely want NED to be a nice place to work. However, we do not have much fancy staff here, no free pizza, no cool games, no gym in the office. Instead, we bring highly qualified people and let them interact and share their knowledge and best practices, enjoying an open minded inspiring atmosphere and benefits of a flat organization. The average age of our people is well above thirty and their skill level is well above average, so just being a part of such team provides an excellent opportunity for professional development.

How do you know you fit in NED's way of working, what qualities you should possess in order to qualify for us?

  • you are mature IT specialist having required technical skills
  • you are a good team player who likes to communicate and share your knowledge both with your collegues and customers
  • you can contribute in different parts of a project life cycle and in different roles being an analyst, an architect, a project manager, a team leader, a developer or even a support specialist depending on requirements of a specific project. Switching between roles should not be a problem for you
  • you write and speak fluent English
  • you do not escape hard work and can perform under stress
  • you like being challenged both by employer and by your collegues, and you are ready to respond the challenge
  • you agree it's not a certificate that is a measure of professional level, but rather the ability to solve complex problems that comes along with strong hands-on experience. We do appreciate certificates, but it does not work for us as an ultimate evidence of your skills
  • you know what it means to be a Consultant, since that's what we all are paid for

If you think you match these qualities, we welcome you to join our team. In addition to a very competitive salary, you'll enjoy a magnificent team spirit and top level professionals around you combined with regular joint free time activities. And, of course, you'll not be left totally without benefits and perks, although they naturally depend on location. For instance, free professional education, free English courses, additional medical insurance as well as supported sports and fitness activities are offered in Saint Petersburg.

Finally, let our people tell what they think about working in NED.